Boutique 1, Mall of the Emirates Store, Dubai - Promotional Installations



Concept design, sourcing, briefing and overseeing of fabrication

Commissioned by

Boutique 1

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Boutique 1 Evening Wear

Boutique 1 - Erdem 1.jpg

Boutique 1 is the ultimate fashion and lifestyle destination in the Middle East and this collaboration was to celebrate the launch of both a new storefront and an exclusive Erdem capsule collection. The exaggerated length dresses were made with Erdem‘s signature fabrics and captured the elegant femininity and slightly ethereal, fantasy edge to his designs as well as making full use of the dramatic 5.5 metre window height.


Minki Balinki

This bold, fun and striking installation piece was inspired by the iconic PS1 bag by design duo Proenza Schouler and announced their new dedicated space within the store. The giant bespoke bag/ lampshades were individually lit and held in place by a weightlifting mannequin.



Georgina Grose Design, UK

Supporting Metalwork & Lighting

Minki Balinki