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Cast Sculpture

Elemental Forms Series 


This series reflects what I call 'Design By Nature' where the elements or natural wear and tear shape and form materials over time.

Inspired by beach pebbles, driftwood and even bones each unique piece is firstly cast in marble jesmonite and then hand carved and polished into smooth tactile forms.

Marble jesmonite has a beautiful heft and feel to it as well as an embedded sparkle


The new work in this series is currently available through  Lara Bowen Contemporary  Gallery 

Elemental Form III - Black 

H: 15cm x W: 19cm x D: 12cm

£700.00 available

Elemental Form IV - White  

H: 14cm x W: 18cm x D: 11cm

£700.00 available

Moon Shadow - Custom Pigmented 

H: 14.5cm x W: 15cm x D: 14.5cm

£600.00 available

Elemental Form V - Pale Grey

H: 12cm x W: 15cm x D: 13cm

£600.00 available

Elemental Form VI- Black 

H: 11cm x W: 14cm x D: 12cm

£600.00 available

All prices are shown excluding shipping.

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