Mulberry Flagship Store, London / Promotional Installations



Concept design, sourcing, briefing and overseeing of fabrication and install

Commissioned by


A series of installations in the open window space of the London flagship store. Made using leather cuts and bindings from Mulberry's luxury leather goods production, creating textural, shaped screens and sculptural pieces to generate both visual impact and product focus. 

Fabrication and install

Minki Balinki


Developing visual concepts for key instore locations that both engaged the customer and further conveyed Mulberry’s brand values, adding warmth and wit to this contemporary luxury environment. Commissioning artists and working closely with them to create these unique pieces; an organic, flowing amber resin sculpture suspended over the central stairwell and 3D dress sculptures produced from all Mulberry materials, from leather off cuts to scorched Mulberry agenda pages and furnishing fabrics, each dress told a Mulberry ‘story’.

Suspended sculpture by

Felicitas Liosa


Replica Ltd


Square One

Dress sculptures by

Jenni Dutton