Rosewood Hotel, London

Lobby Art


Concept design and delivery of over 30 individual art pieces. This diverse project involved, design, making, sourcing, briefing and overseeing of fabrication and installation of all items.

Commissioned by

Peter Millard & Partners Ltd

lobby general shot landscape.jpg

This ultra-luxury hotel has a strong relationship with the art world and its central philosophies are ‘A Sense of Place’ and ‘A Sense of Discovery’. In line with this over 30 individual artworks were created to reflect the capital city’s unique history, culture, and sensibilities. Each piece celebrates different aspects of ‘Britishness' and the capitol from iconic authors, actors, musicians, comics, cars, events and even animals.

Devising both the format and content of this exciting collection of curiosities meant not only sourcing and making myself but also working with a wide variety of artists and fabricators.

cabinets on shelf portrait.jpg

Individual glass vitrines were filled with fun, witty, contemporary art pieces.

Shown here is a celebration of British Pottery featuring the famous Wedgwood Blue Jasperware, behind the small sculptural figures there is even the proverbial ‘bull in a china shop’. On the shelf below is a tribute to Monty Python’s Flying Circus with a giant Botticelli foot appearing from a cloud onto an urban London Street scene.

There were many artworks painted on stacks of books, each one representing a British author, a particular novel or series of books or indeed a renowned publisher. Shown here is the character Mr. Bumble from Oliver Twist, painted on a sculptural stack of Dickens Novels and Peter Rabbit, one of Beatrix Potters best-known characters on a stack of iconic Beatrix Potter books.

penquin books landscape.jpg

There were several glass display domes containing artworks, from pigs marching on stilts in front of George Orwell’s famous Animal Farm novel, to a copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles with Sherlock Holmes striking silhouette cut through its pages. Shown here is an artwork representing Ian Fleming, the British author of eleven Bond Novels, painted on the outside of the dome.

The British Bulldog, an unmistakable canine, often represents England as well as Sir Winston Churchill. It has also been adopted by the 'followers of fashion' on many occasions, from punks to an appearance on the catwalk at a Mulberry fashion show. Sitting proudly in the lobby this British Bulldog sculpture was adorned with a Vivienne Westwood inspired collar.