Wedgwood, London /

Promotional Installation



Concept design, sourcing, briefing and overseeing of fabrication and install

Commissioned by


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Wedgwood Store Launch

Wedgwood Christmas 1.jpg

Etched acrylic 'dollhouses' with cherubs living in the attics and running amok amongst the products, were created to showcase the Christmas gift range. These charming fantasy homes were set on a suspended neon edge lit 'street' against a twinkling starlit background. 

Fabrication and install
Capital Models Ltd / Square One


Working with the actual tools of manufacture from the factory floor, kiln furniture and moulds were used to create dramatic visual statements in the store windows; efectively communicating that Wedgwood was still made in the UK. 


For a period of time one of the skilled Wedgwood artisans recreated a classic painting of the founder, Josiah Wedgwood, in the window on a canvas of white dinner plates.