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Cast Sculpture

Big Sur - Resin Editions


Resin Editions

Big Sur

H: 11cm x W: 12cm x D: 12cm

Limited variable colour editions of 10

£360.00 excluding shipping

Big Sur Small

H:6 cm x W:8 cm x D:8cm

Limited variable colour editions of 10

£125.00 excluding shipping

The original form was carved in Nephrite Jade from Big Sur, giving this piece its title.

Each piece is hand cast and finished in custom pigmented, translucent resin.

Due to the hand processes involved there can be some variation within each limited edition. 

Email me  for more information on available editions or if you would like to commission a piece. 

Big Sur - Pale Citrus, Blush Pink and Turquoise

Big Sur - Pale Blush Swirl

Big Sur - Black, Blue and Glass Green

Big Sur - Bright Green

Big Sur - Bright Pink (frosted) and Dark Green

Big Sur - Small Resin Editions

Big Sur - Bright Orange (powder pigment) and Amber