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Sculptor and Creative Consultant

Kate headshot 3.jpg

I am a sculptor of modern abstract work with a background as a creative consultant, designing  large scale site-specific installations for international museums, hotels, restaurants, and retail environments

I was born in Dorset but moved to London as a teenager, after 11 years I followed my heart back to the countryside and have been based in the South of England for the past 30 years.


I was always sculpting alongside these projects and studied part-time at Heatherleys School of Fine Art in London

My sculpture is based on a purity and simplicity of form and finish creating sensual objects that beg to be touched.

I work primarily in wood carving using a process called 'direct carving' which means responding directly to the material without any preconceived idea of the end result.

I enjoy working with reclaimed or found materials where I love to enhance and celebrate any and all of the inherent qualities of the raw material including any perceived imperfections while still looking to create effortless, tactile, and desirable forms. The lateral thinking skills I have honed through my installation work not only inform this approach but inspire me further to reimagine my wood carvings in limited edition casts.

I also love to explore selected shapes by varying the scale, orientation, material, colour and translucencies.

As each piece is hand cast and finished even within a limited material/colour edition each one has its own personality and really is quite unique.


Taking this approach one step further I wanted to make my tactile sculpture even more accessible to people in their everyday lives by creating  Art With Purpose, a small collection of limited edition products for the home. In this project developed with my sister, I give particular focus to material combinations and every item is still handmade either by me or in collaboration with another talented artisan maker. 

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