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Cast Sculpture

Shadow Series 

Polished Translucent Resin 



Each unique colour edition is hand cast and finished in custom pigmented translucent resin. 

Evolved Shadow has additional hand carved areas after casting which makes each edition totally unique.


H: 16.5cm x W: 17cm x D: 16.5cm

Shadow £750.00

Evolved Shadow £900.00


H: 13.5cm x W: 14cm x D: 13.5cm

Shadow £500.00

Evolved Shadow £600.00

All prices are shown excluding shipping.

Please contact me for more information on available editions, or if you would like to commission a piece.

Large Evolved Shadow - Warm Black  - Available

Small Evolved Shadow - Turquoise SOLD

Large Evolved Shadow - Warm Black  - Avaiable

Large Shadow - Amber SOLD

Large Shadow - Amber  SOLD

Small Shadow - Bright Green SOLD