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Carved Sculpture

Wood Bones  Series 


This is another ongoing series that reflects  'Design By Nature'

The title is inspired partially by the  bone like shapes  but also because each piece is crafted from reclaimed or driftwood

These smooth tactile forms are like the small bones of a larger animal .. or in this case tree !



Wood Bones I 

Californian Driftwood & Gesso

H: 9cm x W: 20cm x D: 13.5cm

£500.00 available

Wood Bones  II

American Box Elder , scorched and burnished oil finish-   

H: 7cm x W: 15m x D: 9.5cm

£380.00 available

Wood Bones III 

Honduran Rosewood

H: 3cm x W: 16.5cm x D: 7.5cm


All prices are shown excluding shipping.

Wood bones II - £380.00 Available please email

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