Art With Purpose

Shadow - Rechargeable LED Ambient Lights


Each sculptural light is a hand cast limited edition in custom pigmented silicone. They are currently available in 2 colour ranges as shown here.

Bright Colour Collection;

Turquoise, Deep Pink and Bright Orange

Mellow Colour Collection:

Chartreuse, Honey Gold and Terracotta

H: 14.5cm x W: 15cm x D: 14.5cm

Each set of 4 LED rechargeable bulbs,  comes with a charging base a USB power cable, and a remote control.

Please note these only come as a set of 4 LED bulbs. even when purchasing  a single light.

Single light with 4 x LED  set  - £170.00

Two  lights with 4 x LED  set   - £295.00

Three lights with 4 x LED set - £420.00

Four lights with 4 x LED set    - £540.00

All colours across both ranges can be mixed within one order as required.

There are only a limited number of pieces that will be available immediately so please make your enquiry asap if you want them in time for Christmas.

Please email me to purchase or for more information on available editions, or if you would like to commission a bespoke colour.

Larger sets of 12  upwards are available to order and quotes will be provided on an individual basis.

All prices are shown excluding p&p

Shadow -  Ambient lights,  Bright Colour Collection - Lit   

From left:  Turquoise, Deep Pink, Bright Orange

Bright Colour Collection - Unlit 

From left:  Turquoise, Deep Pink, Bright Orange

Shadow -  Ambient lights,  Mellow Colour Collection - Lit 

From left:  Terracotta, Chartreuse, Honey Gold

Mellow Colour Collection  - unlit

From left: Chartreuse, Honey Gold, Terracotta

LED set comes with a USB charging cable and remote control for timer, colours setting, candle flicker and brightness functions.

Full charging and operation instructions are included.