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These unique sculptural doorstops are seriously fit for purpose.

Hand crafted in solid polished limestone concrete with high quality handstitched leather covering on 3 sides. Truly 'Form with Function'!

There only a few limited editions remaining now , so dont delay.

'Fullstop' Doorstop Polished Concrete & Leather

  • Polished Limestone Concrete, with hand-stitched leather covering and oak bridle leather handle.

    These unique sculptural doorstops are a perfect culmination of my background in design and my sculpture practice.

    In my design world, I learned to think laterally to find creative solutions to practical problems. Now I turn this skill, not to problem-solving, but simply to playing with the possibilities, and by thinking outside of the box.

    These particular forms were created by slicing through an existing sculpture, changing the scale, reorientating, and working with different materials including collaborating with a talented leather artisan, Otis Ingram.

    Seriously fit for purpose, these doorstops are crafted from solid polished limestone concrete with handstitched high quality leather on three sides.

    The handles are cast through the piece to make it easy to move while ensuring it remains securely attached. The leather covering not only protects your floors and doors from scratches but also adds a touch of luxury to this unique piece. The hand stitching adds a beautiful texture and detail to the overall look. With its sleek and modern design, this doorstop will add a modern and contemporary look to your home.

    Available in three colours, Black, Green or White. 


    H: 19cm x W: 25cm x D: 11.5cm ( excluding handle)

    Weight: 5.2kgs

    Limited Editions of six per colour. Edition numbers are detailed on a leather tag supplied with each piece

    Clean using a soft microfibre cloth, and leather cleaner/ food, do not use household cleaners. Over time and with use the leather will naturally develop a beautiful patina which will only make it more gorgeous!



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